Gone are the days where the world experienced good climate. Over the years, increasing human activities that negatively affect the atmosphere has affected the climate vastly.

With these changes in the climate, Ghana and the world at large have been forced to adjust to these changes. Most causes of these climate change can be attributed largely to human activities like releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Climate change is real and has great impact on life. It has had devastating impact on countless people, places and wildlife. Climate change is therefore referred to as the shift in weather conditions of the earth over a given period of time.

There are some major causes of climate change which has great impact on people and livestock living in the society. First of all, we have deforestation – this is one major cause of climate change and it goes hand-in-hand with climate change. Deforestation is an improper way of cutting down trees from the forest or any green vegetation. This include cutting of timber for production of fuel.

Important issues must be addressed to slow or prevent climate change by avoiding clearing of forests for industrial purposes. There are some other human activities that go hand-in-hand with deforestation like burning of fossil fuels and clearing of land for agriculture.

Greenhouse gases is one contributor to climate change. Example of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane, chlorofluorocarbons etc. Greenhouse effects occur naturally in the environment. Water vapour which reaches the atmosphere through evaporation from seas, lakes and oceans are as a result of excessive heat from the sun.

Livestock in the form of sheep and cattle at home play a role in climate change. Cattle are taken to forest or grassland for grazing which when done continuously can lead to desertification.

The effects of climate change include increase in heavy precipitation and heavy rains are caused by climate change. The rise in temperature is also one alarming effect of climate change. Instead of having hot weather conditions in dry seasons and cold conditions in wet seasons we experience the vice versa.

There are also some solutions to these climate issues. First, people should engage highly in afforestation and reforestation where trees planting are the hallmark of all environmentally- conscious groups and individuals.

We should also minimize the use of chlorofluorocarbons in the manufacturing of refrigerators and air conditions. These chemicals are very harmful to human health and the climate at large.

Waste management and recycling is also one factor that we should adopt in the production methods through to our consumption patterns.

To conclude, climate change has a great impact on life and it can be checked by enforcing laws in the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency must educate the people on the effective lifestyle changes they can adopt to help curb climate issues.

Thank You.

Vida Kyeremaah


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