Mental illnesses are illnesses that affect a person’s mood, thinking and behavior.

Examples are: depression, anxiety, stress etc. It is said that out of four people, one of them is likely to have a mental disorder, and globally eight hundred thousand people die of committing suicide and it is the second leading cause of death for the people between the ages of fifteen to twenty-nine [15-29]. All this is happening because people are not educated on mental illness. I would like to use this medium to educate people on mental illness.

To begin with, Mental illness has a lot of causes and the most common ones are as follows:

Bullying is a cause of mental illness. When one is being molested or maltreated, the bullied victim suffers a lot. This causes the victim to feel sad thus making him or her gradually a mentally challenged victim.

Another cause is brain stress. This is when a victim has too much thinking to do. This results in the brain being weak, therefore making one mentally disordered.

Substance abuse is another cause of mental disorder. This is when someone overuses a drug e.g. smokes weed, sniffs cocaine etc. This therefore causes a lot of harm to the brain, thus making one mentally disordered.

Life experience is another cause of mental disorder. This is when life treats one unfairly, he or she starts thinking of what his life means. This makes them feel sad and they soon start taking drug which has negative effects on the brain.

There are a lot of ways knowing when a person is having a mental disorder and some of them are that:

The person loses interest in what he or she likes doing. This means the person starts avoiding his or her fun activities. This will tell you that he or she is mentally disordered.

Another symptom is that; they start disassociating themselves from their own friends. This is because, when they are mentally disordered, they always want to be alone, that is they do not want to play with their friends or have interactions with them anymore. This will tell you that one is mentally disordered.

Another symptom is that they feel sad for a long period of time. An example is: when you beat a child, the child cries for a short period then stops. But if the child is mentally disordered, the child may cry or feel sad for days. This is to tell you that the child is mentally disordered.

Now that we know the symptoms, we must know what happens if they are not quickly resolved.

One effect is that they either attempt suicide or commit suicide. When one is depressed, which is a form of mental illness, they may feel that their life is worthless. This urges the person to commit     suicide, because he or she thinks him or her has nothing to do in this world.

Another effect of mental disorder is that the victim becomes rebellious. This means that the victim acquires a go against behavior that makes him or her go against laid down societal norms. He or she becomes easily irritated at trivialities.

Another effect is that their immune system becomes weak paving way for physical illnesses as well. This is because, the person may even lack the energy or deliberately avoid engaging in any physical activities or eating foods that would boost the immune system.  This causes both they immune system and the body to weaken.

Once we know the causes, effects and symptoms of mental disorders, we must know how to manage them.

One way is socially interacting with them. This means, we are supposed to interact with these people and share our experiences. This will make them know that they are not the only ones to have suffered such disorders This will help them a lot.

Another way is providing with good nutrition. They are supposed to have balanced diets. This boosts their immune system and makes them strong.

Another way is, we should train psychiatrists and build psychiatric facilities to make psychiatric evaluation an easy thing for the populace. When such measures are taken, the teaching of mental becomes easy. This will help a lot of people.

I hope I have been to educate a lot people on mental illness. Please stop the stigmatization of mentally disordered victims. THANK YOU

Mahatma Badasu,


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