Climate change
In recent time, there have been series of articles and letter in most of our newspapers and magazines discussing the high incidence of climate change in the country. In the light of these discussions, I wish to ask for a space in your esteemed magazine, ‘The press’ to examine the causes and effects and causes of climate change and put forward suggestions to remedy.

Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth or it is the changes layers in the element of climate. The elements of climate are; temperature, rainfall and humility. This happens due to many internal and external factors. The climatic change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic change affect life on the earth in various ways. It is also having impact on the ecosystem and ecology. There is a multiplicity of reasons responsible for the high incidence of climate change in this

To begin with, deforestation cannot be ruled out as a contributory factor. When trees are cut down and burned or allowed rot, their stored carbon is released into the air as carbon dioxide. And this is how deforestation contributes to climate change. Indiscriminate burning of bushes, is also another cause of climate change. The smoke from the act destroys the ozone layer and  causes change in the climate.

In addition, transportation is another cause of climate change. Burning fusel fuels like gasoline and diesel releases carbon-dioxide, a green-house gas into the atmosphere. The build up of carbon-dioxide and other green-house gases cause the earth’s atmosphere to warm, resulting in changes to the climate.

Littering is also responsible for climate change. When organic waste is littered around, it decomposes and therefore carbon dioxide and methane gas is created. Both carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.

Climate change has its attendant problems. Land exhibited to degradation as a consequence of poor land management could become infertile as a result of climate change. When trees are cut down and the bush burnt, we end up killing the macro and micro organisms in the soil which support plant growth thereby making the land infertile for farming .

Also, it decreases the rate of production. When the land become infertile ,farmers are unable to cultivate and produce food for the families and country as a whole. Since the soil nutrients are depleted, crops grown on a scale may not yield more hence production will decrease. Hunger and starvation may set in as a result of decrease in production. The poor may suffer when prices of food commodities shoots up due to low productivity caused by climate change.

Not only does climate change affects our agriculture sector but water bodies as well. The consequence related to water bodies are increase in temperature , shift in precipitation patterns which are likely to increase the frequency of flooding and droughts. Apart from that,
it is calculated that if this change keeps on going, then many species of aquatic animals will get extinct and there will be a heavy loss to the environment.

In the light of the problems posed by climate change, I wish to put forward the following suggestions for consideration to ensure the eradication of this unfortunate situation. Although humans mistake has caused great damage to the climate and ecosystem. But, it is not late to
start again and try to undo what we have done until now to damage the environment. And if every human start contributing to the environment that we can be sure of our existence in the future.